Appearance is deceitful, and beauty is vain. In this world, all the things are controlled by the people who look “pretty”. In this ridiculous society, the chief executive officer has made a policy, which is no ugly face can wander around the street. Moreover, there is a large team of secret police who spied on their citizens and forced the “ugly” people to have plastic surgery. Their plan is to create the most beautiful society. I will never forget the car crash that happened on the night of September 17th, 2025. I passed away and Vicky, my twin sister lived. Sadly, now Vicky has a deep scar on her face. Without a doubt, she became one of an ugly person in the society. My spirit now lives in Vicky’s heart and I share her life. But things start to change in our lives.

I am Ivy Chen, age 19, I’m from Szechuan, China. A week ago, my sister and I moved to Shanghai from studying. My major in university is Fine Arts and I really enjoy the peaceful moment while I am painting. On the contrary, my sister does Art Performance. Yes, we are the identical twins right, but we are totally different in our personality. I am introverted but Vicky is outgoing. Today was our first school day, as usual, I was woken up on a sunny morning, the sunlight shone through the window, into my eyes, as I felt the warmth of it; the breeze blew onto the curtain, as I felt the smell of the fresh washing liquid. I am a bit curious and nervous about the same time at my new start of university life. I was wondering where to go and yet I’m not familiar with everything here, but I know life must go on.

Our teacher is Ms Elizabeth. She is very nice and is also a very beautiful teacher. We managed to build up our relationship shortly after. At the end of the class, she told us a secret about herself, which is the face we saw of her which was not the original face she’s got. She had forced to change her face when she was the same age as us. “I feel grievously wronged. I was forced to change my face even though I didn’t want to. I could not make my own decision, nor the power to reject,” Ms Elizabeth said softly with a brittle face. The students wanted to seek out and ask what had happened and who can compel her to do that, but she just ignored all the questions we asked. “Maybe she just doesn’t want to recall her memory at all.” I think. I felt very depressed and sad after the secret I heard about Ms Elizabeth. On our way home, Vicky said, “It had been a great day today. I meet a lot of new people and acquire lots of new things.” I looked at her and with a faint smile. That is Vicky, with an innate adaptability. For me, Ms Elizabeth’s secret kept haunting in my mind and I do not dare to make new friends in class.

After a few months, Vicky got bored in class. She had a mischief in mind. She wanted to swap our classes and met more friends at the university. I had no problems at all in Vicky’s class. But when Vicky attended my class, Ms Elizabeth can recognize Vicky in her first sight. After class, she bought both of us to her office and got us sitting. She said although we do look very alike, she could tell the difference in the face of ours. She then mentioned her life and told us she had a twin brother who had suicide because of the look on his face that people had used to make fun. His classmates bullied him and no one came out to help him. “I saw him burning lively to death, with my eyes open widely, his body was burned into ashes and then disappearing from my eyes. Finally, the wind brought him all over the world.” All I did at that time was to cry, I had wished that I could do something to save him. But I didn’t. That is the most miserable memory in my life. My father was one of the most powerful decision-makers in the society, he decided to create the most beautiful society due to his son’s death. He put a law in place to control over beautiful faces’ on the people and changes the outlooks of “ugly” people. As he believes that appearance is very important, he starts his plan, and Ms Elizabeth, his daughter was the first experiment of his plan.

We could never believe that Ms Elizabeth’s story comes to us. Vicky had defined as the “UGLY” people in the society and she might catch by the secret police for having the plastic surgery. I could feel the grief in her when she got caught by the police who were holding guns and had a serious face. They took Vicky to the hospital, on the whole way there was full of yelling and crying. Vicky yells and cries in pain after saying “that it wasn’t fair to change people’s appearance without their permission.” The reason for the chief executive officer’s son’s death was not because of his “ugly” face, it is because of people’s heart. Our face is given by our parent and the genetic factors show we are family members. That is the connection of a family. It is unique and irreplaceable. We cannot tease people due to their face. To build up our most beautiful world, we should use the moral education to prove that you cannot judge a book by its cover. With caring, sharing and love that will be our perfect society. That’s Vicky, My bravest, lovely sister. The “UGLY” face will not change her personality. My spirit will keep living in her heart and continue to share her happy life.

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  1. Kiky,

    You have a good amount of writing on your piece so far.

    I need you to:
    – vary sentence construction (they feel the same)
    – avoid a listed effect
    – ensure you are meeting the task requirements – the writing must be about the theme of control
    – polish your language choices/tense changes/syntax


    • look to read over your sentences aloud to hear the errors in crafting.
    • try to paint a picture of the scene, rather than telling it.



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